Realizacje - Armouring the Łękawka river banks

Armouring the Łękawka river banks

Realizacje Description
  • 25 October 2012



Armouring the Łękawka river banks


Besides the works executed within the Żywiec District, we also conducted works under another project subsidised by the European Union – the construction of the sanitary sewage system and the sewer pumping station in the municipality of Buczkowice.
Other hydraulic engineering works:
• water supply network with sewage network system in Jeleśnia, riprap support for the already existing water supply network pass under the bottom of the Koszarowa creek,
• armouring the Łękawka river banks,
• armouring the banks and the streambed of the Okrajnik creek,
• the Łukaszne Ostre forest road built for the Węgierska Górka Forest District,
• modernization of the forest road in the Gawłowskie Forestry,
• pavement building along the course of a Provincial Road.
As a part of flood damage compensation works we conducted work on rivers and creeks' banks ripraps, securing roadbeds, construction of road ducting systems, rebuilding of district roads and bridges, eliminating landslides.

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